Monday, April 27, 2009

what I've learned recently

I've been rebuildig my guitar over the last month or so, and learned some things about myself in the process...
1) I'm impatient. It was driving me bonkers not being able to work on the guitar whenever "I" wanted to. My most recent reminder of this was over this past weekend. I had the option of prep sanding and continuing to clear coat the body or work with what was done and finish it. I decided to finish it. I would much rather have it done than hangiong over my head and making me wait.
2) I am focused and determined. Sunday morning I woke up early with the mindset that I was going to FINISH the guitar that day. Started around 8 am and aside from the occasional meal and small break to tend to some family things, I worked all day on the guitar. I DID finish it. By 7:30pm I had the newly rebuilt Purple guitar plugged into the amp.
3) New guitar, same guitarist LOL I really should take lessons. A new color, and new pickup doesn't give me new technique.... The life lesson with this one was no matter how you look, or what you change on the "OUTSIDE"; you are still the same until you change things on the "INSIDE".

other than that 2 nights of nightmares, and last nights SUCKED. Really bugged me, no comment on the details but lesson learned there as well. More so than any other...
Ran 11 miles this past Saturday in anticipation of this coming weekends half marathon LOL

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