Wednesday, April 29, 2009

recovery, the color purple, and ZZZZs

Well maybe it's age, but more than likely its because of limited training time recently. Nevertheless, I picked up a product I used in the past by Endurox for post exercise recovery. It's worked in the past and I'm sure it will help with my evil master plans for the summer. I've needed to come up with something that will provide quick recovery for a long distance relay race I'm doing in June, and this should work some magic, and make me feel young again LOL.
The new version of my guitar is starting to grow on me. At first I wasn't thrilled with the outcome, but I'm starting to appreciate it's one off uniqueness. That, and the tone I'm dialing in out of that new DiMarzio pick up is sounding good/great. Gonna have to take a picture of that left handed piece of art... Prince (and Eric) would be proud. LOL
Last but not least
I've been having problems with getting a good nights sleep over the last month or so, and found that even though a pill might knock me out, it messes with me the next day more than I want. So I need to come up with an alternative plan. Eliminating that 2nd cup of coffee? Cutting off eating 2 hours before bed? Not sure.....

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