Sunday, December 5, 2010

End of the story, time for a new one...

The end of 2010 is quickly approaching both in and out of sport. With it, comes reflection, closure, and a moving on. It's also a time for setting new, goals, attitudes, outlooks, training plans, hopes and maybe even dreams to be realized. So with that being said, I've found it inspiring and ultimately necessary to move on to hopefully something new and or better without a need to "scroll back" so to speak thru the struggles and YES some accomplishments of the past year.As far as the past year is concerned I've had a lot in the back of my complicated mind regarding an experience I had gone thru regarding my joining a racing team. An experience that ultimately caused a lot of strife, aggrevation, and even misdirected resentment and frustration... An interesting and worthwhile note is thru this entire year, I NEVER once slammed the team  by name, and I'm happy I didn't. It would have been shallow, juvenille,and petty, and in all honesty, it wasn't the team per se, but "the fit" that didn't work. They are an incredible group, and one of the members is someone I've known since suspension forks were invented LOL, and I think incredibly highly of him. In and out of the sport. So as far as the team experience is concerned, live and learn, and YES I did. I've learned a good deal about myself over this last year, made some mistakes along the way, and fell into a couple mindtraps that really messed me up...With that being said, I'm ending this blog, (and currently considering wordpress or for added features) and since the new year falls on 1/1/11 feels like a very fitting time for a much needed for sport and personal reasons - restart. I  hope some if not all of you follow me over to my new blog,when it goes live! So now its time for me to ultimately wrap up all loose ends, get my house organized both "upstairs" and downstairs and move forward. Time to get "Stoned on Endorphins" I'm excited, and hopeful.
thanks to all