Monday, November 30, 2009

say NO to the RADIO

Well, it looks like the Union Cycliste International is going to actually phase in the banning of race radio. You know what? I'm glad, I think if the UCI and other governing bodies didn't watch the sport of cycling it could get out of hand and go the route of TRON, Starwars or some crazy ass racing found on the channels of Japanese gameshows. Now about that Spinacci ruling, MAYBE that one should be reconsidered. Allez...

so it begins!

Since I began putting together training plans, I always started my year on December 1st. This started because the recommended miles for cycling for instance were always more than I could squeeze in for the year, and I gave myself a months head start to work thru the important base training and get an adequate amount of miles in my legs. Were talking the Lemond school of training where a decent amount of time is spent in the winter putting in LSD miles on the bike. I'm that old LOL. It's worked every time, so why change things. When the spring months arrive the quantity of miles is lower and the quality of the rides is taken to a "whole nother level" . I never have gotten the hours or miles as recommended but the level of exertion has proven to take its place nicely. FUNNY, now there are books, and plans for time crunched cyclists that teach you how to train the same way I have ALWAYS trained. I should have written a book...
So I've been down since injury (and other) for the month of November and then some. I feel rested and ready to begin base mile and routine workouts, as December looms. NOW it's time to consider the rollers if I cant get a decent run in to hone the aerobic system during December. Most of the workouts will be running, riding 2 times a week to keep the cycling muscles active and to stay comfortable sitting on a bike. Th beginning of the year is FUN!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

But officer it's not MY race

I had some friends put on a fun run out in Palos this weekend. I would have ran in it, but as we all know I fractured my foot out there about a month ago. So I was out there to support the cause, and while everyone was out running, low and behold the forest preserve police show up. The issue was even though the signs were cool, and everything was organized nicely, nobody bothered to get a permit. So while everyones out running, I'm dealing with the law, and trying to avoid getting our run shut down ,and my boss (the brainchild) a fine. A cool time nonetheless. I couldn't stay for the finish, but know my running mates from "Bad Idea" swept the top 3 of a 1/2 marathon cross country race. Inspiration got me out doors today and I finally got a run in after being hurt a month ago. Just in time for resurrecting the training as of December 1st.

Friday, November 27, 2009

my briliant Xmas shopping plan has a hiccup

It's funny,
I've been walking around thrilled to be finished Christmas shopping BEFORE thanksgiving. The thing I overlooked is a lot of places have great sales for those that venture to the malls etc to battle others for the good deals, So it comes down to getting everything done without a hassle of crowds or picked over items, or saving money by becoming part of the craziness during the regular holiday season? Juries out but it's pretty cool to be able to sit back and enjoy the rest of the festivities...

ho ho ho

Monday, November 23, 2009

Maybe there's hope for Steven Tyler

Not saying I'm condoning it, but I'm hearing Steven maybe partying again. It will be interesting to see what kind of music comes out of that Screamin Demon, maybe better than current day Aerosmith? Like I said I don't condone it but hmmm

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Special weekend post!!

Good morning to all my followers and those that check in at least once daily for an update. DON'T WORRY!, relax.... my "Long Time Personal manager" does not read the blog, and her Christmas surprise is not ruined. I just need to worry about the paparazzi spilling the news...

"stay thirsty my friends"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"PINK, it's the color of passion..."

GREAT Aerosmith song, it's a shame that band stopped partying, and went down the road of mediocrity. NOT that I condone that type of behavior; but what once was, compared to what they became?! Joe Perry still ROCKS though... So the reason for the topic is Christmas shopping for my "long time personal manager" LOL I finished it last night, NO lines and an awesome awesome gift. She wanted warmer running pants, so I grabbed my $10 off coupon and headed to the local Sports store. Now I know the importance of good quality athletic wear and WHAT a difference it can make, especially in the winter. She likes pink, actually since forever, she has always supported the find a cure cause, too the point of being unwavered and completely dedicated to the cause. It's very inspiring. I also don't think she would ever think she NEEDED Under Armor gear, so one thing led to another and I proceeded to get one of literally everything I could find in pink UnderArmor gear. It was awesome! Funny thing is I was walking up to pay for it, and didn't even have pants that I was origonally going to get her, so I had to go back and find winter pants(UnderArmor of course) ;). She's completely set up, and it's all pink. The sticker shock sucked, but on how many occasions thru the years have I been able to justify purchases, JEEZ not that I own a big collection of high end stuff, but just about all cycling gear is $$$$$$, and she's TOTALLY worth it. So when her shin splint injury is gone, and she hits the cold roads, she will be totally set. An added bonus? No crazy shopping lines at all. NICE....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Will Mario be there?????

So the word on the street is the 2010 edition of the Giro Di'Italia may start in the US. That in and of itself is VERRRRRY cool, and just think how cool it would be to see Cipollini show up :) Not that Mario is a threat to the GC, but come on! Can you really think of anyone who is cooler than that dude? Not counting Laurent, and myself of course....

in the dark

NO not that Billy Squire song but that is a cool song :) I had a bit of fun playing guitar in the dark. When I built it up I put these glow in the dark fret markers on the neck and it makes finding my way across the neck easy when playing by the soft red glow of the amp. It is even cooler when I was breaking out into my Eddie VH noodling mindset and creating these cool sounds in the cover of darkness. Now I'm thinking "what if I built a new guitar and did the body in glow in the dark paint. That would be pretty cool... Happy Friday!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

As God intended

it's official. After a week's worth of trying, I've decided NOT to go down the medicinal road to handle stress. This past week has sucked BIG TIME. Quite honestly, I don't see how people can live on certain medications, and the kicker is I've been told by a person I trust in the health industry that I'd be floored to see how many people actually do. I guess it's not for everyone, actually it's not for me, and it's all about me ;)
I'm going to "GASP" wean myself off coffee as well and that's probably goingto be an a$$ kicker as much as stopping medicine. So it's time to buckle up and work at living holistically which I KNOW is the right choice for me. I can only hope the world around me is patient understanding and kind as I dig myself out. MAN, no coffee?? thats fcuked up!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Under Pressure" dum dum dum du du dum dum

Wasn't Queen a killer band?! YES we all experience stress, unfortunately some more than others. I'm cut from the can't let go, can't relax mindset, and sometimes it sucks. A long time ago in a... I found exercise as a release. Still works mind you but unfortunately for me I can't spend all my time riding or running or ... I'm also a perfectionist, add those 2 personality traits together and sometimes you get trouble. That and starbucks doesn't have a publicly funded rehab (or any rehab for that matter). So my job is VERY demanding and when you factor it all in, you get a very stressed out ME. So I go to the Dr to discuss, and am prescribed a med. Now I have a love hate relationship with medicine. I fought it for the longest time until a hereditary issue kicked my a$$ about 5 years ago ,and I was forced to succumb to the miracles of medicine. Trust me I tried EVERYTHING to avoid it but it led to a bad situation for me. NOTE- I'm "OK" now... So back to the Dr. and stress, I began taking something recently, and as it stands, am not feeling very good. Not too happy at the moment, and don't think this is going to work for me. YES I've only given it a few days but like I said, I don't like how I'm feeling. Sucks because going in I thought AHH relief and a laid back happy me awaits, and I welcomed the thought! So now the question remains, what the hell am I going to do?? (beside not taking the med). Dare I say it I've got to quit drinking coffee, and see how it goes. Now many of you long time readers LOL may be laughing at the thought of the coffee elimination as being a solution but like I said I'm REALLY stressed and need to figure this out. WARNING -if your thinking about a job in IT, don't do it! Join the peace corps, or something simpler. My head hurts....
THANK GOD for exercise!

indoors? Already? WTF

After fracturing my foot a few weeks back, I had no other option but to rehab on a trainer. Usually I wouldn't even consider it till mid December but I can't run as usual during my off season. My long time personal manager LOL is pretty new to riding and finds the new trainer kinda exciting but I'm still a bit reluctant to ride it. I can tell I've been in a bad way because I was even entertaining the idea of finding a GASP! pool to do laps in. I did get out on the single speed "Merckxmobile" this past weekend so life doesn't completely suck. I also swung by CBike and was turned on to an incredible indoor trainer. TACKX makes it and it's unaffordable but damn to ride that thing is WAYYYY cool. Video footage was impressive, and it's got this motor for for different grades including flying DOWN a mountain WAY COOL!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

as God intended :)

well as I mentioned previously, I am injured. I was out on a 6 mile trail run and fractured my foot. Sucks... I was preparing for a winter marathon, and feeling good. I'l be CRAZY if I attempt the marathon in January but the vacation is still on. So I spent a week on crutches with a brace, proceeded to dump the crutches this week, and managed to get on the windtrainer for 30 minutes a couple days ago. Felt ok on the bike, but still notice the pain when walking. Running right now is out of the question, and yesterday I seen more runners out than I have in a long time. It was crazy, and made me want to get out there. I guess even though I btich about running, I will always do it for a LOT of reasons. Anyway I'm happy I could at least hit the windtrainer, but JEEZ riding the trainer in November is evil. (It's a long winter....) So like I said I may not be able to walk comfortably yet, but am able to ride (as God intended...)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Check my Brain!

NO not the Alice in Chains way cool tune :)
When I think of riding be it a road bike or mountain bike, I come from a roadies mentality. Simple light rigid and efficient. Thats the reason I've never raced any other kind of bike off road except a hardtail. All that has changed after doing some homework and realizing full suspension WILL outrun a hardtail.
I'm lucky enough to have a really nice friend who owns a shop, and I got lucky and am getting my hands on a full suspension ride with something known as brain technology for the suspension. Bottom line is you dial in a few pressure and weight settings and your set. The design is PERFECT for riders like me. The bike rides like a hardtail until a threshold is reached and then absorbs the impact acting as a full suspension. SWEEEEEET! Black and Blue, an upgraded groupo, wheels etc. Should be just what I need to enjoy some rides/races I hope to do next year. I'l probably never race on the road locally ever again, but already know mountain bike racing is doable and enjoyable, and in my sights to continue next season. Looking forward to it. And like I said its cool to have a great longtime friend who owns a shop :)

OK time for the off season - not my choice

Note to self, I will not volunteer to coach football again. I absolutely without question LOVE my little people but the time involved, the attitude a "football coach" is supposed to have, and my own skillset has proven to be something better left to a REAL football coach. I can't get past the yelling at little people thing. Anyway, I'm sure it won't even be an issue next year, and next time I will "just say no". It will also be nice for my summers to extend beyond August 1st. :) SO... the last 3 months have been a personal struggle for a variety of reasons including the toll my moms health issues took on my entire family. Started back in May, and as of last week we finally got good news as to her health. TRUST me we were all fearing the worst. It's probably been one of the toughest periods of my life. It opened up a whole can of worms as far as middle age and longevity existence you name it. Thank GOD she is OK.
Fast forward to present day, I was out running in the forest yesterday for what was supposed to be a 6 mile run. I rolled my ankle 3 miles out and now its fractured. UGH... It all happens for a reason I guess. Time for a little R and R...