Thursday, April 30, 2009

perfect NO, better YES

I was a bit disappointed in the results when I completely redid my guitars body. FWIW I still am... However the interesting thing is I think it sounds better this time around.I built it with a modified design and it is evident. It looks a bit more homegrown than I would like, but it DOES have a unique character (kinda like me :) ) So for the first time all my readers LOL can now feast your eyes on the DEEEPEST Purple strat...

Maybe now I have the incentive to really learn to play better, and justify a new store bought axe...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

recovery, the color purple, and ZZZZs

Well maybe it's age, but more than likely its because of limited training time recently. Nevertheless, I picked up a product I used in the past by Endurox for post exercise recovery. It's worked in the past and I'm sure it will help with my evil master plans for the summer. I've needed to come up with something that will provide quick recovery for a long distance relay race I'm doing in June, and this should work some magic, and make me feel young again LOL.
The new version of my guitar is starting to grow on me. At first I wasn't thrilled with the outcome, but I'm starting to appreciate it's one off uniqueness. That, and the tone I'm dialing in out of that new DiMarzio pick up is sounding good/great. Gonna have to take a picture of that left handed piece of art... Prince (and Eric) would be proud. LOL
Last but not least
I've been having problems with getting a good nights sleep over the last month or so, and found that even though a pill might knock me out, it messes with me the next day more than I want. So I need to come up with an alternative plan. Eliminating that 2nd cup of coffee? Cutting off eating 2 hours before bed? Not sure.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

forget the swine flu...

UGH! yesterday I had the worst run I've experienced in AGES. I felt like I was carrying sandbags, my legs were heavy, it was like gravity had been turned UP! It was only a 3 miler, and I actually walked a bit WTF?! I guess Friday's double ride, and Saturdays long run caused a bit of staleness... That and the fact that I'm up 5 pounds above where I want to be. That sucks too. As if I'm overeating to compensate for something. My dietary habits have been bad lately, that and the free time to work out is nowhere to be seen. Add those 2 together and you get me in my current condition. SUCKS! TIME to change/keep a careful eye on my diet... The other troubling thing is I've been having sleep problems lately, maybe caused by eating later in the evening, or maybe its something else?! Either way, I'm in a bit of a funk...

Monday, April 27, 2009

what I've learned recently

I've been rebuildig my guitar over the last month or so, and learned some things about myself in the process...
1) I'm impatient. It was driving me bonkers not being able to work on the guitar whenever "I" wanted to. My most recent reminder of this was over this past weekend. I had the option of prep sanding and continuing to clear coat the body or work with what was done and finish it. I decided to finish it. I would much rather have it done than hangiong over my head and making me wait.
2) I am focused and determined. Sunday morning I woke up early with the mindset that I was going to FINISH the guitar that day. Started around 8 am and aside from the occasional meal and small break to tend to some family things, I worked all day on the guitar. I DID finish it. By 7:30pm I had the newly rebuilt Purple guitar plugged into the amp.
3) New guitar, same guitarist LOL I really should take lessons. A new color, and new pickup doesn't give me new technique.... The life lesson with this one was no matter how you look, or what you change on the "OUTSIDE"; you are still the same until you change things on the "INSIDE".

other than that 2 nights of nightmares, and last nights SUCKED. Really bugged me, no comment on the details but lesson learned there as well. More so than any other...
Ran 11 miles this past Saturday in anticipation of this coming weekends half marathon LOL

Friday, April 24, 2009

"Fat Bottom Girls"

Finally, today I rode to work. I had not done this in over a year! I used to ride to work once a week, but we moved into a new building, and it fell by the side... I haven't been able to do any working out this week and it's been driving me crazy. I freak and think I'm losing all my fitness and the guts gonna get big etc. I'm sure theres a bit of truth to that but you probably don't go to hell in one weeks time. So the weather forecast called for temps in the 80s today - 'nuff said. I have been in a great headspace this morning all because I got on the frankenbike and rode to work. CAN'T WAIT for that warm ride home in the 80s :)
"Get on Your Bikes and RIDE"


I mentioned it yesterday, but as it sinks in, the thought of being up front for another Judas Priest concert is AWESOME. I've loved that band since getting turned on to them by my 6th grade friend Ray Hildebrand. (Wonder what ever happened to him?) That was back when the Unleashed in the East album came out so were talking a bit over 30 years! My musical tastes have changed to the point where I rarely listen to anything heavy, but each time I see Halford walk out on that stage, I KNOW there is one metal band I will always love. I took one of the boys to see them last year, \
4th row off to the side and he managed to get 2 pics from KK Downing (gave one to me) NICE... I'm taking him again this time the seats are 3rd row, and more to the center near Rob. I hope he one day appreciates the fact that I wanted to share the experience of seeing one of my favorite bands with him as a father son bond. Right now, he is in the beginning stages of teenage years and all the parent relationship stuff that goes with that. It's a right of passage but when your a dad who loves his kids IMMENSELY sometimes it's hard to take. Enough of that. I managed to meet Rob Halford on a number of occasions, and the fact that I hung out with one of my childhood idols is WAY cool-in a Wayne's World kinda way. The guy is the best, maybe a bit older,(aren't we all?) but nobody can top what he and Priest did in their prime. The METAL GODS return!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

all isn't necessarily quiet...

Not much posting this week, because my headspace is off with my return to "W" after a nice week off. Busy with coaching responsibilities all week, no time to do any running riding, or even the much anticipated finishing of the guitar. :( I've signed up to run a half marathon bext weekend. I haven't been running a lot, but feel the riding, and bit of running I've been doing will be good enough. Plans are to run an 11 miler this weekend, and a hand full of shorter ones leading up to it. It's REALLY close to home so why not get a shirt, and 13.1 miles of healthy activity in my body. The other crazy thing I did was sign up to run a 200 mile relay race on a 10 person team from Madison to Chicago with my boss :0 Not sure what part of that whole scene is crazier. My post makes it sound like I enjoy running LOL I guess I do, and the way it's continuing to go, I simply don't have time to be on the bike as much as I hoped for. SOO I have to do something right?
Best news for last...
I scored 3rd row seats for JUDAS PRIEST when they hit town in July! FCUK YEAH!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

... I'm collecting Vinyl

Yesterday (April 18th) was record store day. Growing up record stores were a BIG deal to me. I remembered many many occasions where I hung out at a place called Kroozin Music. Funny story -A woman that worked there used to pass along stickers, rub on tattoos, mini posters etc - and any of the extras found inside new album releases. It turns out she thought I was her cousin who apparently looked just like me! I personally think she spent a bit too much time at the head shop section of the store, but I was getting free stuff :) Her cousin confronted me by the local railroad tracks for different reasons on one occasion which makes that whole story weirder. I spent a lot of time at that shop. I remember seeing actual video footage (gasp) of a a guitarist by the name of Pat Travers. Complete with a stage full of dry ice, and some great rock and roll. We didn't have video on demand back then so it was a pretty big deal to see that. I remember spending hours looking at all the great album art,something kids nowadays simply cant relate to. WHAT a crime... Years later I used to drive home from work and take a route that passed by the shop. I used to go in, browse and usually pick up used vinyl. The shop is gone replaced by an extension of the local highschool. Gone, but definitely not forgotten.
Anyway, I took the boys to a record store I knew of that carried cds, posters, t-shirts, books rare stuff and vinyl. The place had the record store smell -cool, and aside from the walls of cds took me right back to my youth -cool! I managed to find some cool stuff but ultimately curbed my enthusiasm and decided on one item a special edition release of REM's MONSTER. It came with a book as its sleeve. The kids got something too,and seemed to find the shop "different". I told them from now on on Record Store day we will visit a shop. To remind them that the music experience was once much more than downloading a cold heartless mp3 from in front of a computer screen. DEATH TO IPODS!! lol

So on what turned out to be the end of my vacation week I thought I would test my legs on my 20 mile time trial loop. As all you readers LOL already know, if I break an hour I consider myself in good form. Last season it took until about August to do so, yesterday I did it in 58 minutes :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

do unto others...

I had a really cool experince this week. Tuesday night my boys and I volunteered at the local Ronald McDonald house. We made dinner for the families that were staying there. I knew going into this that it would be a very worthwhile project, but I probably can't put in words just how good it was. Yes, we were all a bit nervous going there, and kids being kids, probably didn't want to do it. Add to that the fact that my wife was sick the previous day and we decided she shouldn't be in that environment running the risk of getting someone else sick so she stayed home. Let me tell you, it wnt off without a hitch, the people we talked to were greatful, and the boys were glad to have done it as well. It was nice to get outside oneself, and do unto others.. I'm greatful for what I have and thank GOD that we don't have to go thru the hardships that these families face. It's acts of kindness like this that I hope will help turn my kids into good people when they are of age...
A great way to spend one of my vacation days :)

As far as the vacation, lots of stuff with the kids, and I managed to get out for an hour ride today. cool thing is I briefly hooked up with a racer from Venezuala. South American Euro Trash baby! Did I ride as much as I would have wanted? Not even close, but I'm still at a point in my life where I put the kids first. It's the reason I stopped racing, and it's a reminder why I still dont... I wouldn't have it any other way.
Allez :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rain Rain go away...

Sucks to start vacation with cold rain. I was supposed to prep the ground for a backup generator, but had to postpone delivery because its muddy out. Cant ride because of the miserable weather either. Decided to go to the movies with the boys to make the best of the situation. I was pricing out sprayers at the local hardware store but decided against buying one REGARDLESS how much I want to get the guitar finished. It would be a waste of money and I wouldn't use it often enough to justify the cost. I considered renting one but I'm gonna sit on that idea for awhile. The color of the guitar came out really nice. It's a deep purple a bit toward the dark side, but rich looking. Really nice job. Sanding sealer is on and there it sits waiting.
oh yeah
I COULDN'T watch Paris Roubaix yesterday because Mom and Dad didn't have the channel!!!!!!!! I missed my FAVORITE race of the year!, :( and my predictions of Boonen winning were right. I was totally bummed, but what was I to do? Oh well

Sunday, April 12, 2009

LenFer Du'Norde!

Kids are thrilled on Christmas morning, I am thrilled because today is Paris Roubaix, the absolute coolest biek race there is. Sure hope mom and dad's cable service has Versus, and I hope they understand why I want to be glued to the TV during the coverage. Yeah Hincapie is a sentimental favorite but GO BOONEN! I've always loved the Mapei, or more recently the QuickStep squad. Last night I watched the documentary "Cobbles Baby" and am not sure if it was the buildup/anticipation but it wasn't all that good. Cheers to the dude who managed to do that, but I'd rather be there riding the cobbles then watching someone else do it LOL.
I learned some stuff about myself yesterday. Actually it seems like a good idea to try and learn something about yourself each day to continue learning and growing. So I mentioned I scuffed up the guitar in final prep work before clear coating. What I didn't mention was I was not totally happy with the color of the mixed stain that I had applied, and was not completely happy about the road worn concept after the sanding debacle. That and my plans of hooking up with my friend to spray the clear coat fell thru, and that was frustrating as well or "as hell" LOL. After I had the opportunity to reflect on the days events I realized that things happen in my life for a reason, and if I'm stubborn I usually get frustrated (case in point with the sprayer issue), BUT if I accept situations as they come up, it seems like they will work out for the best and I will see why things happened "down the road". God's will, not mine? I also realized I don't like to settle for good enough, and if I have to completely redo something to be satisfied, then I need to do so or it won't sit well with me no matter how I try to justify it to myself.SO, last night I completely sanded off the stain I put on earlier in the week. This morning I prepped the wood, applied a new mix of stain with a diffeent shade of purple that I like more. A hastle? hell yeah! But I'm satisfied with the outcome. So my frustrations were for nothing because if I had hooked up with my friend I would have settled. Lesson learned...

Another thing I've learned is regarding a medicine my Dr. prescribed, the day after I take it simply sucks, I feel bad both physically, and my mindset is bad as well. It seems like not taking it leaves me feeling better the next day(and I REALLY think in the long run)both physically and mentally. I feel relieved that I don't need to be on the fence regfarding it, it's not in my best interest to take it anymore, there are too many tradeoffs that I will no longer deal with.

The last and most cool thing to share with all you readers LOL is yesterday afternoon I had my Madonna Del Ghisallo medal blessed by Cardinal George. It was AWESOME! So now It's been blessed by the Bishop, and now the Cardinal. God loves cycling :)
So Happy Easter to everyone Christ is risen!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cameron ROCKS!

Not sure if any of my many readers (LOL) watch Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles, but lasts nights season finale kicked! I work with technology (and pretty much hate it) so I dig the whole concept of machines being a threat to our existance (IT IS!!!) Anyway, Cameron ROCKED my world last night. The last half of the show had her kicking a$$ with no need to take names. The ending was brilliant. Like I said BEWARE of the machines.... Can't wait for the movie in May.

So I did a 3 hour ride on Good Friday between 12 and 3 as my homage to Christ's crucifiction and dying on the cross. The snake did bite into the legs toward the end with the constant headwinds beating me down.I was toast when I arrived back at the castle. The good news is my idea of going with a longer stem was a good one. You have to wonder, would a Dr. have wanted to prescribe meds to Merckx for all the tweaking he did on the bike, obsessive compulsive or determined to find the sweet spot? I think I found my sweet spot...

I'm REALLY hoping I can get my guitar finished this weekend. I had a nice clean body waiting for the clearcoat, and yesterday night instantly turned it into a road worn look by lighty sanding. I scuffed off the stain on a couple spots on accident! Because of the sealer that was applied, restaining won't adhere unless I completely sand it to bare wood again. I guess it was destined to be a road worn Deeepest Purple lefty strat.
1 DAY till LenFer Du'Norde!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dreams volume 67

I am having a series of what I consider very introspective dreams lately. I had one a few nights back in which the brakes on my car would not stop me, couldn't stop. Last night I had one which is somewhat of a reoccuring theme. This time I had tire problems on the car, and had one hell of a time getting to where I needed to go to get things fixed. Incredibly difficult time getting to where I needed to go- Lost... Both of these have some pretty deep personal meaning.
The gutar is coming along good. It's been stained Deep Purple, and the sanding sealer is on. Now I need to read up on the clear top coat application, and get hold of my friends air gun. I even have a cool purple pick up from Dimarzio on it's way. Looking forward to hearing the new tone, considering this version is a stained finish instead of all those coats of paint the 5150 required. Should be cool :)
Managed to get out for a 30 minute run tonight. Sucks how quickly you feel like you loose your conditioning when you can't find the time to be consistent. Lastly - I'm staying true to my goal for Holy Week. Then there's the opportunity for a secret training week to get me back in gear getting closer and closer...

Monday, April 6, 2009

could we start again please...

That song goes right thru me. Last night we watched Jesus Christ Superstar. What an EPIC movie, definitely one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time(if not THE top). I told the kids by 4th grade I had every word to every song memorized, it's always been a huge part of my faith. Something to relate to with a phenomenal soundtrack...
So one thing I've noticed is I probably disappear when things aren't going well, and lately thats been the case. Hopefully my posting today is a sign that I'm getting on track again. I ran a 5k with jr Saturday, and realized regardless how much I want to help, if somebody doesn't want your help, it goes unused. KIDS.... LOL He ran a good race, but as typical when learning the ropes, went out to fast, and spent to much time looking around for his competition. I WISH kids would realize that their parents are there to help. But we've all been there. Just wish my situation was different.
Watched the tour of flanders yesterday, and understand how sports fans get so excited about superbowl, world series, march madness etc. GOD are the Spring classics awesome. I loved those thin roads and cobbled climbs. And to think the Queen of the Classics "Len Fer Du'Nord" is a week away. ALLEZ!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a subconcious realization of sorts

I used to have a reoccuring dream in which I was showing up at a job I had back in the late 80's. The odd thing about the dream was I knew I hadn't been there in AGES, but I was going about the day as if I hadn't missed a beat, and nobody knew the wiser. A couple nights ago I dreamt I was back at that job but this time I was stopped in my tracks by someone who wouldn't let me proceed about my work. They had no record of me having the right to be there, and I was turned away agrily at that. I wonder if this could mean, I am accepting my position in life and am SLOOOOWWWLLY begining to acceptthe fact that "I can't go back") just a thought....

honored but....

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. Actually it's been building all week. I was the confirmation sponsor of one of my boys. I spent the earlier part of the week getting some nice new shoes, a new suit shirt, found a tie that went wonderfully with the blue in the suit, and ALMOST got my hair cut. I was actually on my way to doing it, but returned home due to heavy rain and the mrs being out with the free gift card I was going to use. NOTE I still looked "dressed to kill", even without the haircut LOL. So as far as a gift for him, I thought it was appropriate to get him a holy medal to wear. Instead of going the route of getting the saint he chose for his confirmation name, I decided to get him the patron saint of musicians medal. I think it's much more appropriate, based on his talent and interest in the guitar. I think he appreciated the gesture. I was BEAMING at the ceremony! Poor kid was a bit frazzled before hand, and had no clue where I was to sit etc, NOTE - he shares my frazability gene :(. I'm honored he chose me, especially because as kids get older, I find they aren't as close to you as they were when younger. It's a concept and fact of this life I struggle with very often...
So the ceremony was nice, AND I am a very proud parent. Then came reality LOL. At home afterwards, he was all upset because he didn't get all kinds of envelopes and money so he could run out and get an XBOX... A reminder of how kids think I guess. My beter half did a very good job of reasoning with him as he stood there all upset thinking he had been slighted. Amazing considering she was the one P!$$ed at his attitude as the evening was wrapping up. I was a bit less patient and in a polite but relatively direct way reminded him the night was about recieving the Holy Spirit, NOT about getting stuff. KIDS.....