Friday, April 24, 2009


I mentioned it yesterday, but as it sinks in, the thought of being up front for another Judas Priest concert is AWESOME. I've loved that band since getting turned on to them by my 6th grade friend Ray Hildebrand. (Wonder what ever happened to him?) That was back when the Unleashed in the East album came out so were talking a bit over 30 years! My musical tastes have changed to the point where I rarely listen to anything heavy, but each time I see Halford walk out on that stage, I KNOW there is one metal band I will always love. I took one of the boys to see them last year, \
4th row off to the side and he managed to get 2 pics from KK Downing (gave one to me) NICE... I'm taking him again this time the seats are 3rd row, and more to the center near Rob. I hope he one day appreciates the fact that I wanted to share the experience of seeing one of my favorite bands with him as a father son bond. Right now, he is in the beginning stages of teenage years and all the parent relationship stuff that goes with that. It's a right of passage but when your a dad who loves his kids IMMENSELY sometimes it's hard to take. Enough of that. I managed to meet Rob Halford on a number of occasions, and the fact that I hung out with one of my childhood idols is WAY cool-in a Wayne's World kinda way. The guy is the best, maybe a bit older,(aren't we all?) but nobody can top what he and Priest did in their prime. The METAL GODS return!

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