Thursday, April 23, 2009

all isn't necessarily quiet...

Not much posting this week, because my headspace is off with my return to "W" after a nice week off. Busy with coaching responsibilities all week, no time to do any running riding, or even the much anticipated finishing of the guitar. :( I've signed up to run a half marathon bext weekend. I haven't been running a lot, but feel the riding, and bit of running I've been doing will be good enough. Plans are to run an 11 miler this weekend, and a hand full of shorter ones leading up to it. It's REALLY close to home so why not get a shirt, and 13.1 miles of healthy activity in my body. The other crazy thing I did was sign up to run a 200 mile relay race on a 10 person team from Madison to Chicago with my boss :0 Not sure what part of that whole scene is crazier. My post makes it sound like I enjoy running LOL I guess I do, and the way it's continuing to go, I simply don't have time to be on the bike as much as I hoped for. SOO I have to do something right?
Best news for last...
I scored 3rd row seats for JUDAS PRIEST when they hit town in July! FCUK YEAH!

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