Sunday, April 19, 2009

... I'm collecting Vinyl

Yesterday (April 18th) was record store day. Growing up record stores were a BIG deal to me. I remembered many many occasions where I hung out at a place called Kroozin Music. Funny story -A woman that worked there used to pass along stickers, rub on tattoos, mini posters etc - and any of the extras found inside new album releases. It turns out she thought I was her cousin who apparently looked just like me! I personally think she spent a bit too much time at the head shop section of the store, but I was getting free stuff :) Her cousin confronted me by the local railroad tracks for different reasons on one occasion which makes that whole story weirder. I spent a lot of time at that shop. I remember seeing actual video footage (gasp) of a a guitarist by the name of Pat Travers. Complete with a stage full of dry ice, and some great rock and roll. We didn't have video on demand back then so it was a pretty big deal to see that. I remember spending hours looking at all the great album art,something kids nowadays simply cant relate to. WHAT a crime... Years later I used to drive home from work and take a route that passed by the shop. I used to go in, browse and usually pick up used vinyl. The shop is gone replaced by an extension of the local highschool. Gone, but definitely not forgotten.
Anyway, I took the boys to a record store I knew of that carried cds, posters, t-shirts, books rare stuff and vinyl. The place had the record store smell -cool, and aside from the walls of cds took me right back to my youth -cool! I managed to find some cool stuff but ultimately curbed my enthusiasm and decided on one item a special edition release of REM's MONSTER. It came with a book as its sleeve. The kids got something too,and seemed to find the shop "different". I told them from now on on Record Store day we will visit a shop. To remind them that the music experience was once much more than downloading a cold heartless mp3 from in front of a computer screen. DEATH TO IPODS!! lol

So on what turned out to be the end of my vacation week I thought I would test my legs on my 20 mile time trial loop. As all you readers LOL already know, if I break an hour I consider myself in good form. Last season it took until about August to do so, yesterday I did it in 58 minutes :)

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