Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SUPER Conductor

It's funny how I still learn new things about myself. For the first time I read a book BEFORE I went to see a movie. It was Terminator Salvation. I picked up the book at the Atlanta airport earlier this month while waiting for a flight. I finished it in about a week, and yesterday went to see the movie. The thing I found remarkable was I remember everythig I read, and I felt like I saw the movie twice. Not sure if I liked knowing about the movie beforehand though. The most amazing and cool part of the whole story, is how amazing the mind is. I know DUH, but sometimes an event like this is a good reminder of how powerful and comprehensible the brain is. Even mine LOL It made me realize that learning new things and comprehending them is easier than I can tell myself it would be. That DAMN Mitote needs to stay quiet.
I took advantage of a nice long (4 day) holiday weekend, and got some good rides and runs in. Weight is currently down below 170 and aside from a stomach issue today, I'm feeling good. Back on track.... :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

keep moving!

I'm liking the fact that I've managed to take advantage of some warm weather and the fact I've been able to both run and ride. Yesterday I got an 8 mile run in. YES it's out of necessity because of this crazy 200 mile relay I'm doing with a group of runners, but I do like to run SHHHH!!!!
Today I rode to work and it will be in the 80s on my ride home. The beauty of todays ride is I get some exercise/training/riding time in as part of the commute, and when I get home I'm ready for the family.
It seems like getting back on track is well on it's way. Easy to get sidetracked, but willing to do what it takes. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tyler retires?!

I just heard and then read that Tyler Hamilton retired from racing recently. It turns out he was tested and a banned substance was found as a result of using a homeopathic antidepressant. I'm sure he wasn't looking for a performance advantage. That's a shame. I was thrilled to see him last summer at a local race, and luckily grabbed a picture with him right before the race start. The worst part of the story is he was taking antidepressants to address personal problems, and the meds were affecting his performance so he switched to an over the counter remedy... Depression sucks, and it is such a personally monumental issue to deal with. I'm sure he's doing what's best for him, and can honestly sympathize with the hurdles athletes face when it comes to these decisions. BEST of LUCK Tyler. You ROCK!

out to lunch

YES, life can get busy, and recently it is, but I still feel sidetracked. I think I miss daily workouts! I mentioned a few changes need to occur, and one of my responsibilities wrapped up yesterday, I'm taking care of another one today. I THINK I can get myself back on track sooner than later....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

skynet musings

I have a particular fondness for the Terminator story. Not the Arnold Schwartzenager movie, although it's been a long time since I seen it, and it would probably be fun to watch again all these years later... I'm talking about the modern day version. It started with the TV series Sarah Connor Chronicles. The show had it's ups and downs but the underlying story is what interests me. Man's loss of control of technology,and the kaos that results. I have a love hate relationship with technology. It's been my livelyhood (for lack of a better term) for my entire pre- and adult life. It's due to that fact I've seen how comically poor judgement is among people when it comes to it's implemenation, and lack of understanding and control. I HONESTLY don't believe we have a handle on it's advances yet we continue to develop, and push forward at a remarkable yet ignorant pace. As a side note, I've seen a movie a long time ago called Running Man, and there were futuristic scenes in that movie that were laughable back then, but as many years passed, some of the storylines became believable and real. HOPE that is not the case with this storyline...

Machines(BACK to Humans)

Monday, May 11, 2009

I stay away....

Mentioned this briefly a while ago, and in looking at my latest entries finfd it to be true. When I am sidetracked in life, I tend to not post anything. That's been the case for the better part of a week. Hardly any workouts, or anything to improve my life on a personal level has happened since April 30th!! I'm talking on a personal level. I've been sidetracked, WASTING time/days, and not taking an active participation in life. A habit I am not particularly fond of. No need to go into great detail but since looking back on recent days, it's clear I need to switch around a few things to get back on track. I found it doesn't take much to derail me...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco DeMayo F L AYY! style

so what to do when flying solo in Florida on Cinco Demayo?
Lunch Fried pickles and a fried green tomato sandwich,
cut out of that "W" word and
Drive STRAIGHT to Clearwater beach, hang out and be sure to jump in the ocean water and get a taste of the salt.
Follow that up with a visit to what turned out to be the hippest Mexican bar and grill I can find; Sen'or Loco's;incude a good mexican dish, some people watching and enjoy a bit of live music.
This all would have been funner with my long time personal manager along. She's a blast at things like this...

Cool, a half marathon

This past weekend, a very nearby town ran a 1/2 marathon. It was WAY too close to miss. So a bit over 2 weeks ago I signed up, and got a small number of runs in to get my legs ready the best I could. I DID have about 3 months of good quality runs in the bag from early to mid winter, and it helped. I was recently talking to someone about feeling like you lose your conditioning when having a BUSY no workout week now and again, but realistically I don't think you lose everything if you lead a somewhat active lifestyle. So I planned it out with 2 weeks of running, and did it in 1:49. I paced myself perfectly. The weather was great. I did what I thought I could under ideal conditions. This once again reminds me that if/when I am consistent I can still pull off better than the average results.Wonder what I could have done if I trained for it??

warning BLUE ahead...

not the blue the net is infamous for...
I have a hard time watching my kids grow up. They start out needing and wanting you, and it fades. Much more than I want (I'm learning) Over the last week or so there have been more and more activities leading up to one of my kids graduation. I see the slideshows of when he was young, and fast forward to current day, and to be honest my eyes well up with tears... I have no idea how I'm going to get thru these years. I've become someone he is embarrased to be by when his friends are around, including at school and sport activities. GOD that hurts, but it must be a part of growing up. My parents tell me I was like that, and I OWE THEM A HUGE APOLOGY if that's true. If your a kid and reading this, DON'T shun your parents, love them back the way they love you!!
The other untimely event, is I lisened to a voicemail my younger kid left me last week, and the young kidness of a voice is changing. I'm losing the baby as well to age. My days of walking him to the school door, and all the other magic that they provide me will be fading as well. Like I said tears in the eyes... I love them both MORE than they can comprehend...