Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SUPER Conductor

It's funny how I still learn new things about myself. For the first time I read a book BEFORE I went to see a movie. It was Terminator Salvation. I picked up the book at the Atlanta airport earlier this month while waiting for a flight. I finished it in about a week, and yesterday went to see the movie. The thing I found remarkable was I remember everythig I read, and I felt like I saw the movie twice. Not sure if I liked knowing about the movie beforehand though. The most amazing and cool part of the whole story, is how amazing the mind is. I know DUH, but sometimes an event like this is a good reminder of how powerful and comprehensible the brain is. Even mine LOL It made me realize that learning new things and comprehending them is easier than I can tell myself it would be. That DAMN Mitote needs to stay quiet.
I took advantage of a nice long (4 day) holiday weekend, and got some good rides and runs in. Weight is currently down below 170 and aside from a stomach issue today, I'm feeling good. Back on track.... :)

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