Thursday, January 29, 2009

for the love of the bike

Today is a special day for me. I have worked VERY hard this past year in an attempt to get hold of what I consider the most beautiful, and magical ride there is. A number of years ago I sold off the one I owned because my kids were at an age that I needed to be around a significant amount of time for all the wonderful activities that come with having little ones. There was simply no time to race/train, and I walked away - COMPLETELY by choice. I don't regret it. I still am active with my boys but the time commitments have changed. I had also become ill around 2004 and the last thing I ever thought was that I would need to even have a bike. The ill years were scary beyond belief. I can't even describe it.I thank God that I managed to get thru those dark scary times. Fast forward to August of this year. I spent the summer riding again and managed to find very good legs as the season progressed, I managed to ride EXTREMELY well when I had the opportunity to ride with racing friends. By the end of summer I managed to ride time trial tests equalling my best times from the late 90's. One thing led to another and I stumbled upon "the ride" in the most beautiful paint scheme I could imagine; WHITE with the world champion rainbow stripes. The cost of the bike was a steal compared to what it retails for. Still costly to say the least. I made a deal that I would buy it and NOT touch it until I had the money to cover the $$$$ I spent on it. It has sat in the basement since August. My goal was to cover the cost with hard earned bonus money at the end of the year, and today I finally can say that it is mine. I'm OH SO GREATFUL to own one again, and as I have been adding parts to it, it looks like this will be my greatest ride. I was true to my word and did not touch it, I'm proud of myself for remaining commited to what I promised. It's VERY close to being completed, it looks beautiful, and my winter conditioning program has me feeling VERY VERY good from a fitness standpoint. I thank GOD for this blessing and look forward to the roads in so many ways. Look for pictures very soon

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The one thing I thought of today while out running is THANK GOD that I am an athlete. Based on all the stress in my life (THANKS WORK...), I'm willing to bet I'd be a mess without the positive outlet that the pursuit of fitness provides. I was a case earlier today, and here I sit after a very good quality 8 mile run, and my frame of mind is MUCH better. I just wish this mindset would stay with me more often, because realistically I can't be exercising all day to stay grounded....

Monday, January 26, 2009

soon very soon

Tonight I added a few more parts to my new ride. The thing is truly MAJESTIC! I am SO greatful to have this bike. It sat in storage since I found it this summer (seemed like an eternity!), and now circumstances have allowed me to claim it as my own, and put it together. Here's a tease...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just watched Lance flex his muscles and catch the breakaway on the last stage of the Tour Down Under. Very cool.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

a room full of women and flexible poses...

Yoga is BACK! Today I returned to my Saturday morning routine of yoga at the local club. I totally dig it. I love the flexibility benefits that will show up after a few weeks of being back in a yoga routine. The running is going well. After watching the weather Thursday evening, I made the late night decision to run home from work Friday. The temps were in the high 20s low 30s and the forecast was for COLD weather this weekend. Since I was scheduled to run 16 Sat or Sunday I decided to take advantage of the "warmerish" Friday. It went well, I felt pretty good the whole run. Stopped by Mom and Dads about midway home and as always they offered a ride home LOL That would totally defeat the purpose but they ARE my parents :) So the goal for the marathon has changed a bit. I'm now wanting to do it 4 hours.It looks doable on paper at least.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

blog comment 1 bazillion and 26 - a historic day

Aside from it being a faux Monday and all the dismallness that goes with a return to corporate h3ll, I must profess my excitement regarding a new president. The only thing I would have changed is I would have had Prince perform at the inauguration. So away we go America! Exciting times indeed

Sunday, January 18, 2009

he's baaaack......

Funny, I used to NOT like the guy, how could I not? He had bad blood with one of my favorites (Pantani),and he comes from the same state as what I would say is the worst president in history -same cockiness as well. However, over the last 6 months my attitude toward him has changed. He's coming back to the sport he loves, (I know someone else doing that ;) ), he is racing this season without getting paid -those cats can make a LOT of money in a successful year. He is doing it to raise awareness of a disease that ALMOST took his life, and sadly has taken countless others. He is revitalizing cycling in the US. He's one of the older crowd and early signs show that his age doesn't matter. NICE.....
So today the world will see Lance Armstrong race in his first race since coming back to the sport. GO Lance...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

no more crave

One of the more interesting changes I've noticed recently is in regards to diet. The foods I used to enjoy no longer agree with me, and more often than not those comfort foods prove to be an unenjoyable meal. The more I eat right, the less I tolerate the rest of the stuff. Granted, it's been quite a while since my diet consisted solely of McD's, "the crave", greasy fried stuff, Whoppers, even heavy rice chinese dishes etc. Nowadays I always enjoy the meals with the least amount of starchy "filling" foods, least amount of grease, minimal fried foods... It's not that I don't crave the comfort foods, but my body is not. All in all it's interesting to see how the entire physical package changes with an ongoing shift in lifestyle ya know?? Maybe more so now that I'm not young anymore....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

is it ok to b!tch yet?

So training thru the winter for a spring marathon was obviously going to be without issues right? Well it seems like this winter has been tough for those of us running long distance outdoors. It seems like EVERY week the pattern has been either a lot of snow or crazy cold temps followed by a brief interlude of uneventful filler days. Last night I had 7 miles to run and I have to be honest, it was daunting... I couldn't go until a bit later in the evening, so I had darkness, and temps that were single digits. When I arrived back home the temperature was 1 degree.I think hell froze over. The whole outside environment just gets weird when the temps plummet like that. The workouts have been tough, from both a psychological and physical standpoint but I see the training effect working quite nicely. I've dropped about 5 pounds, and aerobically I seem to be quite efficient. Recently, my faster paced workouts are feeling more comfortable. I am happily shopping around for a few components to get my new ride built up and hopefully will be able to work on it this weekend NICE....


Sunday, January 11, 2009

3 weeks in and...

It's been 3 weeks since I formally began my current training plan, and aside from being EXTREMELY sore thismorning from yesterdays 2 hour run in 6 to 8 inches of snow, things are going good.
I can feel a physical difference now that I'm into the program. To put it simply, I feel good. The first week into it was more or less buckling up and hanging on. I had been doing 3 mile or so maintenance runs but once the longer mileage kicked in, my body had to adjust. I ran a fast 3 miler on Wednesday, and it felt good. Fast was comfortable... Yesterdays 2 hour (or 14 mile equivilant) run thru the snow was very very tough, but the commitment carries me thru it. I ran on a completely untouched trail - no footsteps anywhere, just a bit less than a foot of snow everywhere. I did take a couple camera pics. It looked great but became "the beautiful discipline", and was a challenge to finish.
I now find myself taking the following supplements - Omega 3, Optygen, a multivitamin,FRS on occasion(for the longer duration workouts, and Supergreen food. I also noticed that my diet is taking an automatic turn toward healthier foods. So things are going good...
AND I am FINALLY the owner of a Colnago C40HP!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Don't know if it's age or just a state of mind, but this holiday season I was more greatful for the things I have then what I got. I know that sounds childish, but my point is I would have been happy with minimal gifts. I spent quite a few moments reflecting on "the good stuff"
I am healthy,, and over the last year I have been able to ride myself into some good shape, I was able to put the hurt on a number of racer friends, and my time trial tests were on par with my best rides when I was an active racer. Greatful because a number of years ago, I was sick, and riding a bike was the farthest thing from my mind. I actually sold off my racing stuff thinking life as I knew it was going to be changed forever. SCARY times...
I'm greatful that I have the desire (still) to get out there and stay in good shape. My latest challenge of a spring marathon and the winter training that goes with it is a testament to my fortitude, dedication and passion to come into the spring fit and fast. A goal I will no doubt achieve.
I'm greatful for my family, for the runs thing#1 does with me. Times like that I don't have to be dad, we are simply out running, and openly sharing thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. I look forward to these becoming more and more frequent. I wonder if he realizes how talented he is? 8 miles on Thanksgiving no problem...
I'm greatful for the time spent training my "personal manager" to complete a 1/2 marathon especially since the farthest she ever went was a number of 5ks. Regardless of the obstacles we encountered along the way, she was successful, and the one on one time spent running with her was good quality time. I particularly liked the way she saw that my competitive search and destroy hammer persona was non existent, and it was her best interest that I focused on. Making HER a better runner...
I'm greatful that thing#2 shined with athletic ability on the football field. The day in day out coaching schedule I was part of was more than worth it. Those kids were wonderful, and for a first year player to rise to first string offense AND defense? I couldn't have been prouder of my son.
I'm greatful that I have been able to realize, on a number of occasions that faith,and perseverence get you thru anything. YES 2008 had it's downs (probably more so than in recent years) but the hardships faced have turned out or are turning out to be blessings and good situations. Is life perfect? Hell no, however I'm glad I'm able to see the good and hope for better....
So here's to 2009 and all the GOOD that it brings.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

starting the new year on a good step

So the holiday's are done, and the last thing we did was a small trip to a water park for New Years. The boys had fun, and I once again spent a majority of my water time in the hot tubs :)
First thing I did when we got back home was go for a 3 mile run with "thing 1". I'm really glad we do that. It's some great one on one time and we all know the mindset you have when running. Another thing in my life to be greatful for, and a great way to start 2009. First couple of weeks of marathon training were a bit rough (recovery, not the actual runs...)But I seem to have adjusted at this point. I mentioned I was adding Super Green food, and FRS to my diet and I'm not sure if they are making the difference or if it's training response. Probably a bit of both. At any rate I'm feeling good. Today is an 11 miler.

The countdown continues 6