Sunday, January 4, 2009

starting the new year on a good step

So the holiday's are done, and the last thing we did was a small trip to a water park for New Years. The boys had fun, and I once again spent a majority of my water time in the hot tubs :)
First thing I did when we got back home was go for a 3 mile run with "thing 1". I'm really glad we do that. It's some great one on one time and we all know the mindset you have when running. Another thing in my life to be greatful for, and a great way to start 2009. First couple of weeks of marathon training were a bit rough (recovery, not the actual runs...)But I seem to have adjusted at this point. I mentioned I was adding Super Green food, and FRS to my diet and I'm not sure if they are making the difference or if it's training response. Probably a bit of both. At any rate I'm feeling good. Today is an 11 miler.

The countdown continues 6

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