Wednesday, January 14, 2009

is it ok to b!tch yet?

So training thru the winter for a spring marathon was obviously going to be without issues right? Well it seems like this winter has been tough for those of us running long distance outdoors. It seems like EVERY week the pattern has been either a lot of snow or crazy cold temps followed by a brief interlude of uneventful filler days. Last night I had 7 miles to run and I have to be honest, it was daunting... I couldn't go until a bit later in the evening, so I had darkness, and temps that were single digits. When I arrived back home the temperature was 1 degree.I think hell froze over. The whole outside environment just gets weird when the temps plummet like that. The workouts have been tough, from both a psychological and physical standpoint but I see the training effect working quite nicely. I've dropped about 5 pounds, and aerobically I seem to be quite efficient. Recently, my faster paced workouts are feeling more comfortable. I am happily shopping around for a few components to get my new ride built up and hopefully will be able to work on it this weekend NICE....


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