Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Don't know if it's age or just a state of mind, but this holiday season I was more greatful for the things I have then what I got. I know that sounds childish, but my point is I would have been happy with minimal gifts. I spent quite a few moments reflecting on "the good stuff"
I am healthy,, and over the last year I have been able to ride myself into some good shape, I was able to put the hurt on a number of racer friends, and my time trial tests were on par with my best rides when I was an active racer. Greatful because a number of years ago, I was sick, and riding a bike was the farthest thing from my mind. I actually sold off my racing stuff thinking life as I knew it was going to be changed forever. SCARY times...
I'm greatful that I have the desire (still) to get out there and stay in good shape. My latest challenge of a spring marathon and the winter training that goes with it is a testament to my fortitude, dedication and passion to come into the spring fit and fast. A goal I will no doubt achieve.
I'm greatful for my family, for the runs thing#1 does with me. Times like that I don't have to be dad, we are simply out running, and openly sharing thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. I look forward to these becoming more and more frequent. I wonder if he realizes how talented he is? 8 miles on Thanksgiving no problem...
I'm greatful for the time spent training my "personal manager" to complete a 1/2 marathon especially since the farthest she ever went was a number of 5ks. Regardless of the obstacles we encountered along the way, she was successful, and the one on one time spent running with her was good quality time. I particularly liked the way she saw that my competitive search and destroy hammer persona was non existent, and it was her best interest that I focused on. Making HER a better runner...
I'm greatful that thing#2 shined with athletic ability on the football field. The day in day out coaching schedule I was part of was more than worth it. Those kids were wonderful, and for a first year player to rise to first string offense AND defense? I couldn't have been prouder of my son.
I'm greatful that I have been able to realize, on a number of occasions that faith,and perseverence get you thru anything. YES 2008 had it's downs (probably more so than in recent years) but the hardships faced have turned out or are turning out to be blessings and good situations. Is life perfect? Hell no, however I'm glad I'm able to see the good and hope for better....
So here's to 2009 and all the GOOD that it brings.

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