Thursday, January 15, 2009

no more crave

One of the more interesting changes I've noticed recently is in regards to diet. The foods I used to enjoy no longer agree with me, and more often than not those comfort foods prove to be an unenjoyable meal. The more I eat right, the less I tolerate the rest of the stuff. Granted, it's been quite a while since my diet consisted solely of McD's, "the crave", greasy fried stuff, Whoppers, even heavy rice chinese dishes etc. Nowadays I always enjoy the meals with the least amount of starchy "filling" foods, least amount of grease, minimal fried foods... It's not that I don't crave the comfort foods, but my body is not. All in all it's interesting to see how the entire physical package changes with an ongoing shift in lifestyle ya know?? Maybe more so now that I'm not young anymore....


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