Tuesday, December 30, 2008

snake oil? Devils food??

Devils food? THAT'S an Alice Cooper song :)
so I (like a LOT of athletes) have dropped $$$ into suplements that promise lactic acid buffering, increases in performance, drop in weight, or the one I like best that don't seem to work, improved mood LOL Well the latest interest I have is in something to carry me thru longer workouts and provide improved recovery times AFTERWARD. I am taking advantage of an offer from FRS and getting a 30 day free supply. that lance guy is behind it so it's got to work wonders LMAO In all seriosness I used it in the summer and it seems to take the place of Starbucks coffee pretty well, so I had my PR manager LOL order a free trial on her credit card sneaky yes but then again its FREE! Another thing I'm doing is adding a serving of super green food to my daily diet. The crazy thing is we pretty much have to trust the vitamin and supplement industry and with so many things available NOBODY knows what they need. My opinion.... So currently I'm a bit blown after a long workout, so I just started the super green food routine. Lets see how I do, and when the FRS stuff shows up I MIGHT even quit visiting SBUX!! Turns out every so often the stomach gets upset if I had a coffee too close to working out. Too many choices and the last time I checked I wasn't getting paid to use a companies miracles, BUT I am savy enough to get a couple orders of FRS :)

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