Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finding a Purpose

How many times have you read an article, listened to an inspirational speech, or simply wondered what your purpose in life is? Well, as the years pass I find myself revisiting that question more and more - sometimes at a painful level. A funny thing happened this past weekend. I was out on a run with temps in the single digits and no one else on the streets. It's not an altogether new situation for me to be in, - just last week I found myself doing my first long slow distance single-speed road ride in snow and sleet (daydreaming about Roubaix ;) . As I ran, the topic at hand came to mind, and the answer hit me square between the eyes, - my purpose in life is to continue challenging myself in sport and using my God given talents of riding and running to better myself on every level. To continue my journey of athleticism. It made perfect sense... An epiphany of sorts! It puts meaning behind the passion. It explains why I would train in the frigid off season for a spring marathon. It's the smile on my face as I come home from a run in the rain, or the pleasure in seeing I'm the only one out on such a day. It justifies why I love the pain brought about by an epic ride. It's the complete enjoyment (maybe not during the ride but definetly afterward) of seeing my monthly "performance test" ride continue to increase in AVG speed and lower times, it's all that and more. It's the reason why I subject myself to the pains of pushing myself physically and mentally. My mission is simply to keep moving....
My physical talents are my gift, and my life purpose is to use them.

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