Tuesday, December 23, 2008

reoccuring dreams

Last night I had one of a few dreams that reoccur from time to time. This one involves me showing back up at a job I used to have YEARS later (in which I'm very aware in the dream) and I act as if I've never been gone. I simply jump in and try to pull off the fact that I haven't been around. The weird thing about last nights (unfortunately), is I awoke and was thinking about what I just dreamt about and started thinking about A LOT of details and people from that part of my life, it was strange and unfortunately kept me up for a good hour. Trans Lux, Brian Sims(wonder how he's doing), Jeff Bowers, Joe Kosina, Art Hitterman, part numbers like 50294-01 50386-11, details on assembly... STRANGE sh!%!!
So I'm a bit tired and trying to figure out what the issue is, I have an idea...

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