Thursday, December 11, 2008

brave new world (or at least training program)

This winter will be a first as far as preparation is concerned. Historically when beginning training for the new year, I've focused on rollers during the week and lsd rides on the weekends when the roads permitted. I suplemented these workouts with runs mostly because of there aerobic efficiency and to mix things up a bit as well. This year finds me doing just the opposite. I'm beginning my training for an April marathon which requires me to focus on the running with the rides thrown in for variety. I know from experience that Marathon training will keep my weight down, and my aerobic system fine tuned. My hopes is this will get me on the bike lean and fit. YES it's a challenge to be training for a marathon in the dead of winter but the good news is I will then have spring and all of the summer to put the hammer down on the bike as opposed to training for your typical fall marathon. SO.... let's see how this goes :)

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