Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cameron ROCKS!

Not sure if any of my many readers (LOL) watch Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles, but lasts nights season finale kicked! I work with technology (and pretty much hate it) so I dig the whole concept of machines being a threat to our existance (IT IS!!!) Anyway, Cameron ROCKED my world last night. The last half of the show had her kicking a$$ with no need to take names. The ending was brilliant. Like I said BEWARE of the machines.... Can't wait for the movie in May.

So I did a 3 hour ride on Good Friday between 12 and 3 as my homage to Christ's crucifiction and dying on the cross. The snake did bite into the legs toward the end with the constant headwinds beating me down.I was toast when I arrived back at the castle. The good news is my idea of going with a longer stem was a good one. You have to wonder, would a Dr. have wanted to prescribe meds to Merckx for all the tweaking he did on the bike, obsessive compulsive or determined to find the sweet spot? I think I found my sweet spot...

I'm REALLY hoping I can get my guitar finished this weekend. I had a nice clean body waiting for the clearcoat, and yesterday night instantly turned it into a road worn look by lighty sanding. I scuffed off the stain on a couple spots on accident! Because of the sealer that was applied, restaining won't adhere unless I completely sand it to bare wood again. I guess it was destined to be a road worn Deeepest Purple lefty strat.
1 DAY till LenFer Du'Norde!!!!!!!!

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