Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dreams volume 67

I am having a series of what I consider very introspective dreams lately. I had one a few nights back in which the brakes on my car would not stop me, couldn't stop. Last night I had one which is somewhat of a reoccuring theme. This time I had tire problems on the car, and had one hell of a time getting to where I needed to go to get things fixed. Incredibly difficult time getting to where I needed to go- Lost... Both of these have some pretty deep personal meaning.
The gutar is coming along good. It's been stained Deep Purple, and the sanding sealer is on. Now I need to read up on the clear top coat application, and get hold of my friends air gun. I even have a cool purple pick up from Dimarzio on it's way. Looking forward to hearing the new tone, considering this version is a stained finish instead of all those coats of paint the 5150 required. Should be cool :)
Managed to get out for a 30 minute run tonight. Sucks how quickly you feel like you loose your conditioning when you can't find the time to be consistent. Lastly - I'm staying true to my goal for Holy Week. Then there's the opportunity for a secret training week to get me back in gear getting closer and closer...

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