Sunday, April 12, 2009

LenFer Du'Norde!

Kids are thrilled on Christmas morning, I am thrilled because today is Paris Roubaix, the absolute coolest biek race there is. Sure hope mom and dad's cable service has Versus, and I hope they understand why I want to be glued to the TV during the coverage. Yeah Hincapie is a sentimental favorite but GO BOONEN! I've always loved the Mapei, or more recently the QuickStep squad. Last night I watched the documentary "Cobbles Baby" and am not sure if it was the buildup/anticipation but it wasn't all that good. Cheers to the dude who managed to do that, but I'd rather be there riding the cobbles then watching someone else do it LOL.
I learned some stuff about myself yesterday. Actually it seems like a good idea to try and learn something about yourself each day to continue learning and growing. So I mentioned I scuffed up the guitar in final prep work before clear coating. What I didn't mention was I was not totally happy with the color of the mixed stain that I had applied, and was not completely happy about the road worn concept after the sanding debacle. That and my plans of hooking up with my friend to spray the clear coat fell thru, and that was frustrating as well or "as hell" LOL. After I had the opportunity to reflect on the days events I realized that things happen in my life for a reason, and if I'm stubborn I usually get frustrated (case in point with the sprayer issue), BUT if I accept situations as they come up, it seems like they will work out for the best and I will see why things happened "down the road". God's will, not mine? I also realized I don't like to settle for good enough, and if I have to completely redo something to be satisfied, then I need to do so or it won't sit well with me no matter how I try to justify it to myself.SO, last night I completely sanded off the stain I put on earlier in the week. This morning I prepped the wood, applied a new mix of stain with a diffeent shade of purple that I like more. A hastle? hell yeah! But I'm satisfied with the outcome. So my frustrations were for nothing because if I had hooked up with my friend I would have settled. Lesson learned...

Another thing I've learned is regarding a medicine my Dr. prescribed, the day after I take it simply sucks, I feel bad both physically, and my mindset is bad as well. It seems like not taking it leaves me feeling better the next day(and I REALLY think in the long run)both physically and mentally. I feel relieved that I don't need to be on the fence regfarding it, it's not in my best interest to take it anymore, there are too many tradeoffs that I will no longer deal with.

The last and most cool thing to share with all you readers LOL is yesterday afternoon I had my Madonna Del Ghisallo medal blessed by Cardinal George. It was AWESOME! So now It's been blessed by the Bishop, and now the Cardinal. God loves cycling :)
So Happy Easter to everyone Christ is risen!


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