Monday, November 30, 2009

so it begins!

Since I began putting together training plans, I always started my year on December 1st. This started because the recommended miles for cycling for instance were always more than I could squeeze in for the year, and I gave myself a months head start to work thru the important base training and get an adequate amount of miles in my legs. Were talking the Lemond school of training where a decent amount of time is spent in the winter putting in LSD miles on the bike. I'm that old LOL. It's worked every time, so why change things. When the spring months arrive the quantity of miles is lower and the quality of the rides is taken to a "whole nother level" . I never have gotten the hours or miles as recommended but the level of exertion has proven to take its place nicely. FUNNY, now there are books, and plans for time crunched cyclists that teach you how to train the same way I have ALWAYS trained. I should have written a book...
So I've been down since injury (and other) for the month of November and then some. I feel rested and ready to begin base mile and routine workouts, as December looms. NOW it's time to consider the rollers if I cant get a decent run in to hone the aerobic system during December. Most of the workouts will be running, riding 2 times a week to keep the cycling muscles active and to stay comfortable sitting on a bike. Th beginning of the year is FUN!

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