Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Under Pressure" dum dum dum du du dum dum

Wasn't Queen a killer band?! YES we all experience stress, unfortunately some more than others. I'm cut from the can't let go, can't relax mindset, and sometimes it sucks. A long time ago in a... I found exercise as a release. Still works mind you but unfortunately for me I can't spend all my time riding or running or ... I'm also a perfectionist, add those 2 personality traits together and sometimes you get trouble. That and starbucks doesn't have a publicly funded rehab (or any rehab for that matter). So my job is VERY demanding and when you factor it all in, you get a very stressed out ME. So I go to the Dr to discuss, and am prescribed a med. Now I have a love hate relationship with medicine. I fought it for the longest time until a hereditary issue kicked my a$$ about 5 years ago ,and I was forced to succumb to the miracles of medicine. Trust me I tried EVERYTHING to avoid it but it led to a bad situation for me. NOTE- I'm "OK" now... So back to the Dr. and stress, I began taking something recently, and as it stands, am not feeling very good. Not too happy at the moment, and don't think this is going to work for me. YES I've only given it a few days but like I said, I don't like how I'm feeling. Sucks because going in I thought AHH relief and a laid back happy me awaits, and I welcomed the thought! So now the question remains, what the hell am I going to do?? (beside not taking the med). Dare I say it I've got to quit drinking coffee, and see how it goes. Now many of you long time readers LOL may be laughing at the thought of the coffee elimination as being a solution but like I said I'm REALLY stressed and need to figure this out. WARNING -if your thinking about a job in IT, don't do it! Join the peace corps, or something simpler. My head hurts....
THANK GOD for exercise!

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