Saturday, November 21, 2009

"PINK, it's the color of passion..."

GREAT Aerosmith song, it's a shame that band stopped partying, and went down the road of mediocrity. NOT that I condone that type of behavior; but what once was, compared to what they became?! Joe Perry still ROCKS though... So the reason for the topic is Christmas shopping for my "long time personal manager" LOL I finished it last night, NO lines and an awesome awesome gift. She wanted warmer running pants, so I grabbed my $10 off coupon and headed to the local Sports store. Now I know the importance of good quality athletic wear and WHAT a difference it can make, especially in the winter. She likes pink, actually since forever, she has always supported the find a cure cause, too the point of being unwavered and completely dedicated to the cause. It's very inspiring. I also don't think she would ever think she NEEDED Under Armor gear, so one thing led to another and I proceeded to get one of literally everything I could find in pink UnderArmor gear. It was awesome! Funny thing is I was walking up to pay for it, and didn't even have pants that I was origonally going to get her, so I had to go back and find winter pants(UnderArmor of course) ;). She's completely set up, and it's all pink. The sticker shock sucked, but on how many occasions thru the years have I been able to justify purchases, JEEZ not that I own a big collection of high end stuff, but just about all cycling gear is $$$$$$, and she's TOTALLY worth it. So when her shin splint injury is gone, and she hits the cold roads, she will be totally set. An added bonus? No crazy shopping lines at all. NICE....

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