Monday, November 2, 2009

OK time for the off season - not my choice

Note to self, I will not volunteer to coach football again. I absolutely without question LOVE my little people but the time involved, the attitude a "football coach" is supposed to have, and my own skillset has proven to be something better left to a REAL football coach. I can't get past the yelling at little people thing. Anyway, I'm sure it won't even be an issue next year, and next time I will "just say no". It will also be nice for my summers to extend beyond August 1st. :) SO... the last 3 months have been a personal struggle for a variety of reasons including the toll my moms health issues took on my entire family. Started back in May, and as of last week we finally got good news as to her health. TRUST me we were all fearing the worst. It's probably been one of the toughest periods of my life. It opened up a whole can of worms as far as middle age and longevity existence you name it. Thank GOD she is OK.
Fast forward to present day, I was out running in the forest yesterday for what was supposed to be a 6 mile run. I rolled my ankle 3 miles out and now its fractured. UGH... It all happens for a reason I guess. Time for a little R and R...

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