Sunday, November 29, 2009

But officer it's not MY race

I had some friends put on a fun run out in Palos this weekend. I would have ran in it, but as we all know I fractured my foot out there about a month ago. So I was out there to support the cause, and while everyone was out running, low and behold the forest preserve police show up. The issue was even though the signs were cool, and everything was organized nicely, nobody bothered to get a permit. So while everyones out running, I'm dealing with the law, and trying to avoid getting our run shut down ,and my boss (the brainchild) a fine. A cool time nonetheless. I couldn't stay for the finish, but know my running mates from "Bad Idea" swept the top 3 of a 1/2 marathon cross country race. Inspiration got me out doors today and I finally got a run in after being hurt a month ago. Just in time for resurrecting the training as of December 1st.

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