Tuesday, November 17, 2009

indoors? Already? WTF

After fracturing my foot a few weeks back, I had no other option but to rehab on a trainer. Usually I wouldn't even consider it till mid December but I can't run as usual during my off season. My long time personal manager LOL is pretty new to riding and finds the new trainer kinda exciting but I'm still a bit reluctant to ride it. I can tell I've been in a bad way because I was even entertaining the idea of finding a GASP! pool to do laps in. I did get out on the single speed "Merckxmobile" this past weekend so life doesn't completely suck. I also swung by CBike and was turned on to an incredible indoor trainer. TACKX makes it and it's unaffordable but damn to ride that thing is WAYYYY cool. Video footage was impressive, and it's got this motor for for different grades including flying DOWN a mountain WAY COOL!

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