Monday, November 2, 2009

Check my Brain!

NO not the Alice in Chains way cool tune :)
When I think of riding be it a road bike or mountain bike, I come from a roadies mentality. Simple light rigid and efficient. Thats the reason I've never raced any other kind of bike off road except a hardtail. All that has changed after doing some homework and realizing full suspension WILL outrun a hardtail.
I'm lucky enough to have a really nice friend who owns a shop, and I got lucky and am getting my hands on a full suspension ride with something known as brain technology for the suspension. Bottom line is you dial in a few pressure and weight settings and your set. The design is PERFECT for riders like me. The bike rides like a hardtail until a threshold is reached and then absorbs the impact acting as a full suspension. SWEEEEEET! Black and Blue, an upgraded groupo, wheels etc. Should be just what I need to enjoy some rides/races I hope to do next year. I'l probably never race on the road locally ever again, but already know mountain bike racing is doable and enjoyable, and in my sights to continue next season. Looking forward to it. And like I said its cool to have a great longtime friend who owns a shop :)

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