Thursday, November 12, 2009

as God intended :)

well as I mentioned previously, I am injured. I was out on a 6 mile trail run and fractured my foot. Sucks... I was preparing for a winter marathon, and feeling good. I'l be CRAZY if I attempt the marathon in January but the vacation is still on. So I spent a week on crutches with a brace, proceeded to dump the crutches this week, and managed to get on the windtrainer for 30 minutes a couple days ago. Felt ok on the bike, but still notice the pain when walking. Running right now is out of the question, and yesterday I seen more runners out than I have in a long time. It was crazy, and made me want to get out there. I guess even though I btich about running, I will always do it for a LOT of reasons. Anyway I'm happy I could at least hit the windtrainer, but JEEZ riding the trainer in November is evil. (It's a long winter....) So like I said I may not be able to walk comfortably yet, but am able to ride (as God intended...)

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