Sunday, February 15, 2009

what a difference a day makes

Tour of California, yesterday when they FINALLY got to interviewing a Rock Racing rider, Tyler Hamilton basically tells all of us he's out of shape right now, ughh. Well today sees "the Rock Racing show" when the cameras finally get footage on to the big screen, it was all Rock and we got the opportunity to see their new bikes from Kestrel, and another good looking team kit.(Sux they are no longer on them killer lookin Derosa's though. At any rate A great finish for Francisco Mancebo. Congrats!! I also ordered my Cipollini Rock Racing shirt from their relaunched (last night) web site. Rock Racing kicks...

So the other interesting news is Astana was robbed of some bikes last night, including Lance's timetrial bike. Good luck to the fool thinking they can sell the most famous bike in the US cycling scene - knuclehead... I will buy the crankset off it if contacted though LOL

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