Sunday, February 8, 2009

the mental game of injury

A game I seem to be losing currently. It's interesting, the more time I'm grounded from workouts, the more I have idle time to think. It's the recent idle thinking time that seems to be getting the better of me. What I thought was plantar faciitis may turn out to be either tendonitis or worse yet a fracture. I was at the hospital for xrays friday afternoon, and was origonally told I'd get the rrsults Saturday afternoon. No such luck I have to wait till Monday. GRRRR Note to those of you that are not athletes - I know you mean well, but DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ever tell me I need to realize how old I am and can't be doing things like this because my body isn't as young as it used to be and cant handle it. A note to athletes out there - your mom's mean well, but hardly EVER can say the right things when their middle aged kids are injured. My mom is a case in point. I love her imensely, but do not want to hear she doesn't think I should be doing this race for WHATEVER reason. Bottom line is I'm in a mind funk, foot hurts, playing the waiting game, and the temperature was close to 60 YES 60 this weekend. I probably would have melted or internally combusted since ALL my training has been in the record cold weather so far. I'm going to take advantage of the downtime today and work on completing my new ride. I pretty much finished my ultra WAYYY cool Quad angle last night.I still want a different saddle and pedals though. Pictures are coming probably today - A classic exhibit of BMX porn :)
So I really wonder if the Cycling Gods are frustrated and want me back on the bike where I belong, and did this to me(running injury)? Call me crazy, but some things are stranager than fiction...

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