Sunday, February 1, 2009

the road so far as of 2/1/09

I've tried to refrain from complaining about my winter training for Aprils marathon because last time I checked it was I who decided to run in the midwest winter climate. HOWEVER, I've recently seen stories that this years winter has been the snowiest coldest in the last 15+ years! I guess the inner complaints are justifiable :) This weekend we've been blessed with mild weather. Sun shining and temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. The plans called for 17 miles and I did it yesterday on the hilliest course I could. It was actually on a portion of my killer loop time trial course. I finished quicker than anticipated, and this morning I'm feeling good. Real good actually. I've made it a habit of having a MET-RX shake within an hour of finishing the long runs, and that seems to be working very well in recovery. I had a group of riders (some were triathletes) on the Archer climb, and a shout out of ALLEZ brought a wave. YEAH, I would have prefered to be out on the ride (as always) but nevertheless. Glad I didn't make a deal with the devil to gain the fitness I am feeling, cuz I would be going straight to hell if that were the case LOL. Like I said I'm feeling real good physically. Weight is down to about 169, and I can tell.

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