Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nokon cable install Shimano brakes

Since the Nokon cables are so damn cool, and there is a lack of info on how to install them I have put together some notes and photos to assist those in need. Call it good cycling Karma!
When installing the brake cables on Shimano brakes/shift levers, the inner plastic black housing that comes with the colored pieces on it should be long enough to go almost to the end of the flexible silver cable and attached to the brake lever as the following photo shows. The end closest to the brake can have the colored pieces added and the end should have that small silver bell, and silver aluminum end piece. The length of the black inner plastic housing should be almost to the end also

The rear brake -should be connected to the lever the same way as the front. The difference is the black inner housing should be long enough to go thru the frames cable guide as shown I had to work the inner housing thru the frames cable guide with a bit of effort. Run the actual silver braided brake cable thru the housing and let it hang thru both pieces as you continue on to connecting the two pieces of inner housing together and move on to the rear brake cable...
You will see that the inner housing is connected together from front to back with a clear plastic tube. Done to keep water etc out of the cabling. The rear brake cable pieced together with colored pieces and each end is finished with the small silver ball and then the silver end piece. What I did is figure out where the aluminum would touch the frame, and pulled off a number of colored pieces up to that spot. I then used a bit of spit (it will dry out) to pull the fatter rubber tube over the colored pieces, then I fed the pieces I just pulled off back onto the cable and pushed them into the rubber hose. The end result was the protective rubber piece was positioned to protect the frame as shown.

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