Tuesday, February 24, 2009

on the fence but LEANING...

As all of you blog followeres have read LOL I injured my left foot on January 31st while training for a marathon. It cost me a good solid 3 weeks of no activity. (Note to self, you feel out of shape at 3 weeks.) :( So I no longer have a brace, doctor appointments, or forced rest, and I need to decide what to do. Origonally my plan was to train thru the winter for the April 11th marathon, then get on the bike and ride - taking advantage of zero trainer burnout, no possibility of being a winter star, and the aerobic and weight benefits of training via long distance running. Brilliant plan until now. I redesigned a training plan with zero flexibility as far as the long runs go. I either do the long ones as scheduled or blow the training. I've been on the rollers a couple times this past week, and yesterday went out for a 3 mile run. I still feel a slight (I HOPE its not just a mental thing) pain in the heel of my foot. A riding friend (SEEGS) reiterated what a number of people already told me - "Ray, you belong on 2 wheels..." So it's either attempt the running and risk injury to an already agravated foot or ditch it and jump on the bike and don't look back. Personally and you can call me crazy, I think the cycling gods were mad and unleashed their wrath when my new road bike was close to being finished... Now that the weather is just about to break, and I can hit the roads it's becoming pretty clear what I should do. The thing of it is, as an athlete you don't like to fail at something, BUT as a smart athlete, you adjust and move on. I think I just answered my own question LOL So as Freddie Mercury would say - "Get on your Bikes and RIDE"
So now I need to figure out WHO I'm going to ride with, and reach out.

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