Thursday, February 19, 2009

the foot and how to run with it

WELL, the foot doctor has cleared the way for me to "cautiously" return to running. SOOOO, of course I went out for a 2 miler to see how things are today. I didn't experience any pain, but it got me to thinking. I did put together a modified training plan in the event I jump back into marathon training, but I would be pushing it. I'm also just about (99%) done with my new road bike. I actually was on the rollers with it today adjusting the saddle. What got me thinking the most was driving down 95th street. I was driving up a hill and it dawned on me. How cool it would be to be climbing right now. I NEVER think of running but I ALWAYS think of riding. I don't want to minimize the amount of riding I do this year. If I run then it's back to lots of running, and minimal riding til April. OR I can get out on the roads sooner than later. Still not sure, and I am not cancelling the hotel reservation for the marathon yet....

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