Sunday, February 22, 2009

we HAVE arrived....

After watching a LOT of coverage of this years Tour of California (had to stay off an injured foot ;) ), there's a couple of things that are very clear.
The United States has finally come up to the big leauges with this race. I really hope to go there on vacation and catch some stages in the future. The amount of people at the Solvang Time Trial, and even the stages with temps in the 40s, and raining was simply awesome. FINALLY we're there...
Speaking of the time trial, watching ALL THOSE people running along with the racers was WAY cool. I can only imagine what a rush it must have been for those riders to be cheered on like that. Levi's intensity on the start ramp defines our passion for the sport, and he TOTALLY deserved to win it. Just imagine a pro tour doing a time trial on a course you normally ride. Nuff said.
It's cool to see that Lance has attacted such an interest, and it's equally cool to see the current day pros showing him they are the real deal, and you don't come back and automatically win based on your name, or your past. That statement doesn't count for me. :)
Congrats to Rock Racing for continuing their uphill battle to be taken seriously by the cycling world.Anybody else hear Liggett and Sherwin's somewhat jaded comments toward RR? MAN I hope they get it together and become a pro tour team. It would be such a shame to see Tyler Hamilton, and Fast Freddie Rodriguez stuck in the states or worse... and WHERE THE HELL is Cipollini??

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