Saturday, February 28, 2009

did you hear THAT?!

If you play guitar you know what I mean. It's cool yet frustrating to play. I'm self taught(ongoing) and it surely takes longer to learn than if I was schooled. So every so often I get an awakening. It happened yesterday. Sure I've played an upstroke when picking but yesterday opened up a whole new sound when I did it a certain way. It was exciting! The one thing about that thing is changing or should I say, learning different techniques can really change the sound you get out of it. It's not just press down the frets and play, finger touch, the way you hold your pic, where you pic on the guitar, the type of string, and most recently different picking techniques, They all add to the musical arsenal. Yo EDWARD!! Wonder if we'll ever see ChemicalButter on stage? LOL

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