Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's getting better all the time

Good news, my assumption that I no longer needed the softcast/boot was not stubbornness! It was confirmed by the doctor this morning. I spent the long weekend glued to the coverage of the Tour of Calfornia (read that as off the foot), and I stopped wearing the boot Sunday. It feels good. The doctor sees good results on the ultrasound, and as long as I promised I would not over due it or run this week I don't need the boot. I'm in a elastic brace and have been given the green light to get on the bike, still can't run.... If all goes well this week I can return to running next week. So I redesigned the marathon training plan to see if this is still doaable. It is a schedule that is tight, and really doesn't allow for anymore injury. I think I may be able to pull this off with a reduced load, but time will tell. So a number of significant changes have occured, and in all honesty I do have a lot to do with the sucess of this. I'm laying low to see how this goes.

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