Tuesday, February 10, 2009

comfort or the lack there of

On an unrelated note how often does one fight to escape but will not do what's recommended to eliminate the need to do so? People are aprehensive to take medicine to make them feel better, but will do so many other things to unsucessfully relieve their burdens and stresses. Concern that certain medications will change their headspace, when in reality they change it anyway with endless other options that prove unsucessful. If they don't like where they are at, then maybe change is necessary, especially if they've gone around and around with the same struggles, and are stuck. Maybe they should throw caution to the wind and get unstuck. I read "If nothing changes, then nothing changes" Sometimes athletes see things like medicines as a sign of weakness, of failure to conquer and overcome. That kind of thinking can really throw a wrench in the road to improvement in ones overall health...

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