Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the problem with being an athlete

Yesterday I was put in a softcast/stabilizing boot, and told I can not run for up to 4 weeks. So over the last day, I've had to scrap the plans to run the Illinois marathon on April 11th. The months of training and the GREAT shape I got myself in have come to a halt. A hurdle I face is I hold high importance on my athletic performances. My training and performance defines me to a point, but a big point it is. I don't think I'm much different from other athletes that strive for greatness. The problem becomes, what do you do when all the training etc is taken away? It does not make for a good headspace. It opens a large void. YES my long term goals were to be in great shape as the riding season begins, but the goal of completing the marathon in the time I was projecting was a BIG goal as well. 4 weeks off, thats gonna be a problem for SO MANY reasons. Like I said, the problem with being an athlete - injury....

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