Tuesday, April 27, 2010

running with the devil

Sorry, I can't resist throwin out a song title from the MIGHTY Van Halen ;)
2 weeks until the quarry man 10 miler, I've got about 3 or 4 runs in over the last month LOL. I've been respecting this event a bit more lately, and managed a 10 semi hilly miler in last week, and yesterday did 5 including the finishing mile up the Willow Springs hill. I KNOW I'm not running fast at this point. You want to run faster? Go Run!! but I am looking forward to doing it. Should be fun. I felt good the whole run, and floated up the hill. nice. Too bad I didn't prepare better, but I'm pulled in a number of directions and running has drawn the short straw. No problem. Something I forgot to mention is I was asked (last Friday) to step up and assistant coach boy #2's soccer team, so I'm back on the sidelines. First up was a Saturday all day tournament. We managed to work our way into the finals, and took 2nd place. The intersting thing tht occured is I felt glad to be there. The kids grow up so fast, and I have so many hangups of them getting big. I proved to myself (albeit unconsciously) that they still come first. - that goes back to the retired from racing stories from a while ago. He's happy I'm back on the sidelines. I am too. I was going to go up to do another mountain bike race in Lola WI this weekend but have to go to a work function which involves travel. It doesn't look doable - (the race), so I decided to make the best of it, and am taking my mom and dad with. The area is a place they frequented when they were younger. It's all good. I guess the moral to todays story is my family comes first. At lest I feel better about myself when they do.

The sucky news is our family room TV died Saturday night. I would say it is a big screen but who doesn't have one nowadays. Sunday I unhooked the home theater and put a 32 inch CRT TV from the basement in it's place. It's comical actually. Now I have to figure out what to do to afford a new TV. Man, we've been hit with too much this past year, but I guess that's why we wake up and go to that "W" word... Sorry Alice, my plans are to axe you :( for the good of the kids. More to come when I get off the phone.
Hoping to ride later today. Road or MTB hmmm??

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