Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quervo WHAT?!

Tonight  at the doctor, my wrist injury has been diagnosed as De Quervain's Tenosynovitis . Which is tendonitis associated with the thumb and it's tendons above the wrist. Caused by overuse. Apparently the legs were fine for some longer off road rides this past weekend but the thumb and associated tendons and muscle were not. HURTS like Hell. It came down to getting a Cortisone shot, and mentally I wasn't ready for it. Since it will require me to splint and mobilize the thumb, and the factthat I have my first race of the season this Sunday, we decided to mask te pain and come back on Tuesday for the shot. I can ride the road bike leading up to Sundays race, but need to minimize the time on the MTB because shifting (right hand) is the reason this happened. I could have gotten the shot right there on the spot, but I really want to get this first race in, and my doctor understands me. I was half joking when I mentioned that more than half my visits are due to sports injuries over the years, but  you need to exercise to stay healthy! WTF?! I'm not thrilled about the situation, but it all happens for a reason, and like I said I can ride the road bike, and run with no issue. That's ironic because I DO need to focus on more running in preparation for that WAY hilly 10 mile run in May. It all works out when you let it, or at least I can spin this situation into a justifiable reason to change things up.
I did manage to get in one hell of a good hill repeat workout in this afternoon before going over to the doctor Most if not all the motivaton to complete every last repeat was thanks to one of the most stressfull days at work I've had in a while. This one shook me... Today's workout has been officially named the six pack. Ride out to the big climb in Willow Springs, ride up to the top, coast back down to the bottom turn around and repeat 6 times. All of them in BIG gears. Then I had to tempo ride back home to make it over to the doctors with about 5 minutes to spare. The topper to what I would consider a bad day? I missed half of tonights episode of LOST, so I guess you cant have it all huh?
Ride on...

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