Thursday, April 22, 2010

Four 22

April 22nd is a very special and private day for me. It must be why today is turning out to be a good one. It was on this day a number of years ago that a life changing illness hit me. I still struggle, and have limitations because of it, some good some bad, but all in all, I will ALWAYS remember this day...

I celebrated by finally finding my way over to a new Belgium Freites(french fries) restaurant that opened in town recently. I ordered a large order of fries (which it turns out could probably feed a family of four LOL) and enjoyed them with mayonaise (of course). I don't know if it's the fact I'm a cycling fanatic and Belgium and all it's traditions are very appealing or if I was a bit hungry but I swear they were the best freites I've ever had. LOL note I probablt barely ate a 1/4 of the order. Food portions are so redicously big nowadays, it is great for leftovers but WHO eats like that?! No wonder the US has an obesity problem...

The other cool thing is I saw "the hi guy"'s bike locked up outside the marketplace I was at. I  snapped a picture of it for some new crazy bike picture collection I seem to be starting. The guy is famous/infamous here in Chicago. One of the last times I seen him was when running in the Chicago marathon a few years ago, he was running in a pair of yellow crocs and carrying a gallon jug of water. If you look closely you can see that his baskets are full of race numbers from the events he's done.CRAZY!

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