Tuesday, April 6, 2010

200 posts! stress, speed, and shifting

Is 200 posts momentous? Does Google send me a free T-Shirt? Probably not... But I did notice this is number 200 so I thought I'd mention it, hurRAY for me! So I've been stressing lately over my training as of late as the MASS of followers I have recently read. ;) The good news? I did get some good feedback from a blogger I follow (thanks Amanda) and also a good conversation or 2wo with my long time personal manager(read wife LOL) regarding the thoughts that have been running thru my head. The bottom line is It's as good as it's going to get today, and I can't compare what I'm doing now to what I was doing the last time I was racing. A lot has changed, family, kids, freetime, that four letter W word, and even that age thing(according to my dad..). I get caught up comparing my current reality to what I'm seeing hearing my peers are doing. I have to remind myself that where I'm at in life is different and unique to me and those in it. I'm not going to stress about it (YEAH I say that now...) But it's the truth. Bottom line is my family continues to come first, and I will continue to strive for balance and do what I can to train ride run and occassionally race to the best of my ability. I simply can't (or don't want want to) be out racing every weekend. I knew it would be a challenge going into this, and at this point I need to take a step back and simply let it all work out. If this isn't fun then I shouldn't be doing it, so I'm going to try my best and roll with it (no pun intended). I did have a good weekend of workouts with that extra day off last week. (Good) Friday I managed to get in a good 3 hour off road ride, and I'm feeling comfortable on the new bike. Saturday I started upping my running mileage(read that as adding running back into the routine) in anticipation of the Quarryman challenge coming up in May. I am treating that event with the respect a CRAZY hilly 10 mile running race deserves. Then there was Sundays ride. I have a 20 mile loop that I do and it's got a collection of short hills, long hills, and long flat stretches. If I can do it in an hour or less I feel like I'm in good shape. I changed the batteries in my cycle computer Saturday night and the damn sensor wouldn't work when I went out to ride so I had to rely on a stopwatch and heart rate monitor. The bottom line? I did it (without the timer stopping at the collection of redlights I was stuck at) in 1:01:44 Strong winds and all! That gave me a bit of a mental confidence boost that I need going into the week before the first race of the year. I'm thinking 3 redlights probably equal at least 30 seconds each right? :)
 The bad news? I've developed some terrible pain in my right wrist and I'm off to the doctor tonight thinking it might be tendinitis caused by overuse (shifting on the mountain bike). It feels like a creaky door when I bend my wrist on that muscle that extends from your thumb up the forearm - Hurts like Hell... I've got to roll with it baby, there's really no other choice is there?

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