Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RUN to the HILLS!

What a cool song by Iron Maiden huh? I'm not that into metal anymore but Maiden is Maiden :) and  boy #1 and I are going to see them in a few months! So FORGET about how training has taken a nose dive over the last 2 months. Forget that I'm slowe and quite honestly feel out of shape. Forget that I've got my work cut out for me on so many levels that it's EASY for me to FREAK OUT! This past weekend I regrouped and moved on. Saturday early morning I dropped boy #1 off at track and went straight out to Palos for an hour run on the trails. WONDERFUL! There's something about being out on those trails that washes away all my problems, (at least for that hour) When I got home I rebuilt my hard tail frame with all the components from my higher end full suspension. The starting weight was 25.4 lbs, when all was said and done it was 24 lbs. COOL. Sunday I took it out and rode in Palos for about 2 hours. LOTS of riders out Sunday morning, and NO horses anywhere?! So my impression was the hardtail IS faster. It's not like either of the bikes hold me back at this point, but my assumptions seem to be right, Hardtails if rode with finesse are quicker and more efficient. I've always thought that full suspension is too complicated, and mentally I think I proved it to myself (at least in my head) So now I build up the new full suspension frame with the hardtails parts, sell it, and get some much needed cash for
a) some awesome new wheels (deep dish) for the road bike
b) even more upgrades for the hardtail
c) a cyclocross bike
d) send it to VISA (hmmm)

I have a 10 mile run I'm doing in Lemont FULL of hills, and have to get back into a running routine again. Saturday's trail run was a good start, and yesterday to address the UNBELIEVABLE HUGE AMOUNT OF STRESS I'm choking on at work, decided to get in a 10 miler with a number of hills included. Then it was shower and off to watch boy #2's soccer game. Their team is DOMINATING this year. HURRAY! Between track meets, soccer games, and getting them to and from practices, I can see why my training and fitness is WAY less than what I want. Regardless, just because I joined a cycling team, it doesn't mean I can or want to walk away from their activities (except coaching ;) ) It has been very complicated to fit it all in, and I just have to make the best of it...GOSH when I typed that it's easy to see (partly) why I'm at where I'm at.
Oh yeah, and I seen a friend on The Ultimate Cake off last night on TLC VERY COOL...


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