Monday, March 1, 2010

The paincave plague seens to be spreading

It's interesting, but I have heard and read a vast number of complaints (especially regarding attitude) from a lot of winter athletes. Let's face it, we've been stuck in garages and basements. Regardless of how interesting you make "the cave", riding a windtrainer, rollers, running on a treadmill, nordic trac etc, AND dealing with snow covered roads more than neccessary SUCK. At first it was a couple people, but it sure seems to be a timely issue recently. I'm not burned out yet though, not sure if it's because I've been able to mix it up enough to keep it interesting, or if it's because outside of a couple rare occurences, I've limited myself to 1 hour riding indoors and I refuse to use the treadmill. Granted, if it wasn't for being outdoors on the road a few times over the last couple weeks I might have a different attitude, all in all, I'm doin fine...

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