Saturday, March 20, 2010

weather, suspension headaches, inner harmony, and up the irons

Shame, it's been in the 60s a few times this week, and I did not find myself happily rolling down the roads due to the need to make a living, and a hellish few days at the "W word". The week has actually been a pretty low quality series of workouts. So here is the weekend and the temps have DROPPED, and I'm actually looking at snow/sleet blowing sideways as I type. It's March, and this is how it's supposed to be. I could do without the rain, because that's going to be a showstopper for any riding today, and I HAVE the free time to do it GRRRR.I think I will take advantage of todays free time and try to get fit and adjusted to my new MTB. Its a GASP Full suspension ride and along with that comes a hundred different adjustments to make air pressure seat height shock dampening, etc etc. The thought of that makes my head hurt, and I've been putting it off for at least a month now. Rigis bikes are simpler nuff said...
So I'm still taking Saturday morning YOGA, and continue to enjoy it, especially afterward when I can feel the benefits of the stretches, postures and limberness thanks to all the poses. Note to self, being the only dude in the class isn't all that bad either :) That, and the fact it's something my long time personal manager and I have included in our quality time activities. Last but certainly not least, I have scored 2 tickets to see Maiden in July with boy #1. I look forward to things like this because as they get older it becomes harder and harder to find things to do together, that he WANTS to do with me... So UP THE IRONS!!

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