Monday, March 8, 2010

Jinxed by a blog post

About a week or so ago I read a blog post about someone who went to work out and shortly after getting back home was hit with the flu. I shuddered at the thought of how bogus that was for her. Little did I know...
So yesterday was a long ride with a friend/teammate, and I felt lousy from the start. I blamed it on the steak (out of the ordinary) meal from Saturday night at Gibsons. So off we go climbing etc for almost 4 hours. The whole time I was "off". I walk in the door as tired as anyone would be after a 4 hour ride im March and immediately was hit wth the flu. I have not eaten post ride, have no energy, and am screaming in discomfort. THIS SUCKS! The crazy thing is when I was REALLY struggling up the climbs etc, I was thinking my fitness level is not what I thought (not that I'm stellar by any stretch), and the longer the ride proceeded the more the self talk became, "you're out of your league, and should reconsider what your currently involved in..." So all I can say dare I say it is I'm glad it's the flu, and not the fact that training isn't working... CRAZY. It's been a very tough 24 hours so far.

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