Friday, March 5, 2010

DAMN training camp would be cooool - in San Luis Obispo at that!

I'm fortunate enough to be involved with a team this year, and with it comes the added responsibility and time dedicated to training, team meetings and everything else one gives up or does to ride competitively. Now when I heard about the team having training camps in mountainous regions of our great country, I instantly became jealous. It's events like that you only think about when it comes to the pro teams. To have it available to the team I'm on kicks A$$, but the cost and time to do it this year isn't part of my RAYality. I'ts nice to know that MAYBE next year I can further progress down the road to being a "EuroTrash Wannabe". Thank god the local weather for this weekend looks to be the nicest of the year so far. Temps hitting near 50 will probably mean that I will muster every hour and amount of energy to get in some mad mileage.

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